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Rakers vs Bootle | Wayfarers

The lads rocked up to Wayfarers, fuelled by their high hopes of clinching a victorious 25 points.

Before the match started, the team engaged in a spirited warm-up, preparing both their bodies and minds for the thrilling contest that lay ahead. Amongst them stood "The Cobra" himself, James Corbo, who wore his spotless whites and took the extra precaution of applying sun cream, despite the overcast conditions.

As the coin was tossed into the air, luck favoured New Brighton, with their skipper Ben emerging triumphant. The decision was made to put Bootle to bat first. The game erupted into life from the very first over as Owen, the young prodigy, struck gold with a wicket. This early breakthrough set the stage for the phenomenal display that was to follow.

Enter the young and immensely talented Laughlin Lowe, whose bowling talent was on full display. With an economy rate that would leave even the most seasoned bowlers envious, Laughlin concluded his spell with a remarkable figure of 1 wicket for a mere 6 runs, complemented by two impeccable maidens across four overs.

The relentless assault on Bootle's batting order continued with the introduction of Andy McWilliam and the better Corbett Joe, each claiming three wickets to their name. Their bowling display left Bootle in disarray, with victory seemingly slipping through their fingers. Sensing the moment, James Corbett added the final nail to the Bootle coffin, securing a wicket with his very first delivery.

Bootle's innings came to a swift and disheartening conclusion, as they were bundled out for 60 runs after just 23 overs, leaving New Brighton in a position of overwhelming dominance.

The second innings began with James Corbett and Luke Jones striding confidently to the crease, their eyes set on achieving victory with all ten wickets intact. Seizing the opportunity presented by some wayward bowling from the Bootle side, Corbett took charge and unleashed a whirlwind knock, with 17 runs from a mere 9 balls. However, fate had other plans as he succumbed to a miscued shot, sending the ball soaring into the hands of a waiting fielder at mid-on.

The loss of Corbett triggered a momentary setback for New Brighton, leading to a classic collapse that had spectators on the edge of their seats (Iwans Grandad). Among the chaos, Scott Shezza stepped up, demonstrating his resilience by smashing four glorious runs, only to be undone by an unfortunate dismissal as the ball trickled through his legs and rattled the stumps.

The team's skipper, Ben Ellis, stepped up, determined to make his mark. Although, it was not to be, as Ben's attempted sweep shot on middle stump proved fruitless, leaving him to trudge back to the clubhouse with a golden duck against his name.

This left Luke at the crease with the composed Hakim (aka shorts) supporting him at the other end, the talented young duo guided New Brighton to their hard-fought victory, crossing the finish line with a total of 63 runs for the loss of three wickets. Luke's unbeaten knock of 27 runs stood as a testament to his skill and focus.

A big performance and 25 points put the Rakers top of the league. Up the Newb!

Written by L Jones

06 MAY 2023 @ 12:45


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