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2nd XI vs Liverpool | LCC

Simmo, the unfortunate victim of an unfavourable toss, found himself on the wrong end of luck as he stepped onto the field, determined to lead his team to victory. The pitch, shrouded in doubt, begged for a solid start from the New Brighton team. With eyes set on claiming the coveted 25 points, Rasi and Ollie Griff took charge of the opening partnership, their bats poised for a thrilling battle.

However, the Newb duo struggled to find their footing, falling short of expectations. In a whirlwind of disappointment, Rasi's stumps were sent cartwheeling after a mere eight deliveries, leaving the empty scoreboard. The pressure mounted, and it was up to Nando to steady the ship, preventing a catastrophic collapse that could spell doom for the team's aspirations.

Yet, fate seemed unkind to the Newb camp, as Nando could only contribute a mere five runs to the cause. With New Brighton reeling at 13-2, it was Luke's turn to step into the fray, the weight of the game resting squarely on his shoulders. The crowd held their breath, hopeful that he could ignite a resurgence and propel his team to a resounding victory.

After 20 gruelling overs, a new strategy emerged from the depths of the dressing room, a cunning plan to bat Liverpool out of the game, preventing their path to triumph. With this audacious blueprint in place, Ollie Griff took to the crease, with determination across his face, as he attempted a daring shot that would sail over the pavilion, only to be undone by a cunning leg spinner, leaving him with a respectable 41 runs to his name.

A mini-crisis struck the New Brighton camp as Simmo, Sam C, and Matt Cumner gave in to the opposition's relentless assault, leaving the team gasping for survival with a mere 11 runs to show for their efforts. Desperation hung heavy in the air as Alex English joined Luke at the crease, their partnership becoming the last flicker of hope to set a challenging target and send Liverpool reeling.

In a display of sheer grit and determination, the duo showcased a wide array of shots, including a stroke of brilliance that earned them only a single but left the spectators in awe. Their great efforts gave them a 31-run partnership, only to witness Luke's departure, caught at square leg, leaving the team yearning for more. Stepping in with a sense of urgency, Josh Courtney unleashed a flurry of strokes, amassing a rapid 26 runs from a mere 22 deliveries, including five emphatic boundaries.

As the dust settled, New Brighton mustered a final score of 142 all out, an outcome that would test their opponents. The stage was set for a thrilling chase as Ollie and Sam C unleashed a fiery bowling attack, striking early blows that rattled Liverpool's confidence, reducing them to a meagre 24 for 2.

A glimmer of hope emerged as a partnership formed amidst the adversity faced by the Liverpool side. However, the heavens intervened, sending down the formidable duo of Daz Craven and Danny Hamm, who tore through the heart of the opposition's batting order. Their lethal bowling left Liverpool on the edge of despair, inching ever closer to a disastrous defeat.

With the final over of the last 20 being bowled, the tension soared to unbearable heights. Every ball bowled had the potential to determine the outcome of the match. The game finished in a gripping draw.

A good effort in the sun from the lads, go again next week in the cup!

Written by L Jones

13 MAY 2023 @ 12:45


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